How our mental training impacts our players on and off the court

One of the cornerstones of our academy programme is emphasis on the mental side of the game, which is regularly worked on both in on-court and off-court settings. Our regular programme includes two mental sessions per week for all players. It is crucial for us to develop mentally tough tennis players, strong and compassionate individuals as well as build a supportive team.

Last week our team of sports psychologists asked some of our full-time players how mental trainings had impacted their tennis game, and their answers prove to us that our approach is working and effectively contributes to their overall improvement.

“Mental training has helped me to become more patient, both on court and off court. If things don’t work out, I am able to remain in a calm state instead of getting frustrated easily”.


‘I started doing the routines and visualisation on practice sets first … Mental training helped me to focus more, visualise and set my game rhythm. I play a lot better because of mental”


“Mental training has helped me in life because it has helped me mature and it has made me see a different perspective. “


“Mental training has helped to concentrate a lot more in matches and has helped me control myself when i get stressed. It has helped me in my daily routine too”. 


“Mental training helped me to become more calm in tennis and in life, and it helped me in dealing with stressful situations. I use my mental practices in tennis like breathing, visualising, being calm, doing my routines and everything else that is really important, and it helped me a lot”.



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