Psychological & Intelligence Tests

Psychological assessment tests play an important role in sport psychology testing. Here are a few relevant pages.

  • Test de recursos mentales en tennis   / Tennis mental resources test
  • POMS — Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire
  • Wonderlic Test — an intelligence test (like an IQ test) comprising a 12 minute, 50 question exam, which is meant to judge aptitude for adapting to certain situations. It uses multiple choice questions with increasing difficulty.
  • Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT) — this questionnaire analyses an athlete’s responses to a series of statements about how they feel in a competitive situation
  • Sport Anxiety Scale (SAS) — a 15-item questionnaire that assesses the competitive trait anxiety experienced by athletes.
  • Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2)
  • TEOSQ: The Task and Ego Orientation in Sports Questionnaire (TEOSQ) (Duda 1989)[1] can be used to assess whether an individual defines success in a sporting context as “task orientated” or “ego orientated”.
  • Physical Activity and Sport Anxiety Scale (PASAS)
  • Likert Scale — a psychometric scale commonly used in surveys and questionnaires, in which respondents specify their level of agreement to a statement.

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