App per a entrenar des de casa

A continuació us deixo una selecció de les millors aplicacions gratuïtes que he trobat per a treballar des de casa la velocitat mental.





1) Hit Arrow: ANDROID /APPLE

Let’s touch the arrow button of the same direction as a target.
The target is appears at the top.
Please touch the arrow quickly all.

Play time can be registered in the network rankings.

2) Simon Says: ANDROID / APPLE

How far can you get? Watch the colors light up while listening to the notes play. Try to repeat the sequence that gets longer with each round. Speed settings from Normal to Insane!

The best version of the classic Simon game from the 80s, a simple yet fun memory game of colors and tunes. The 4 color memory game. Boost your brain power with this visual, auditory, and kinetic exercise!

A variety of color sets that you can choose from including the classic four colors: red, blue, yellow, and green. Portrait and Landscape are both supported. Tablets are supported. No video ads. Limited ads that can be removed. The four color memory game.

3) TAP25: android /apple

“Tap 25” is a wonderful game to improve peripheral vision and reading speed.
Training brain and attention, increase fast reading.
The game is similar on Schulte tables.
With lots of practice, even beginners are able to accelerate reading and expand its field of vision.
The game may be used to increase the fast reading and the training of attention.
How much time is required to find all symbols in order?
Less is better! On average, one second for one character – this is good!
Well, 25 seconds is a great result!

4) Sharpy: Android/ apple

Sharpy is an exhilarating arcade game that will test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. The rules are simple: touch left, right or center following the indication flowing from top to bottom in the middle of the screen before the time runs out.

Get ready, relax and be quick because this is going to be one fast paced mind teasing game, as you follow the instructions they will appear faster and faster, you might think this is easy, but after a few correct taps you will have to really focus to be able to keep up, and just when you thought you have everything under control we trick your brain by switching all the colors in the game.

You will be able to train your brain to have a better hand – eye coordination and respond better to color stimulus, while having a great time.

5) Reflex: Android/ apple

Reflex is a simple app to check your reaction time



Hit Arrow:



Tap 25:


For Apple

Hit arrow:




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